Real Estate in Charlotte NC,Real Estate Charlotte NC,Realtors in Charlotte NC,Appraisals Broker Realtor Eli Magids discusses home appraisals. He talks about how well trained appraisers are,and he briefly discusses how appraisers reach a value for your home,using several methods. Eli discusses how when the Real Estate market was good,everything(more or less) was appraising for the contract price. But now that the real estate market has fallen like a rock,appraisers are being held more accountable,and now things are UNDER appraising the contract price. This messes up many deals,because a bank will not lend money on a house that doesn't appraise, a buyer doesn' t want to buy a house that doesn't appraise(who would),and the seller loses the sale because he doesn't want to lower his price anymore. Eli relates his own personal story,and thinks that everyone has got together on the same page. Eli is keepin it real,very real.